Terms of service.

You really have to think of our service as though it is an apartment. We provide you with an apartment – aka a blank website and you, as the user or tenant provide the content – aka your furniture and the like.

You can see where this is going.

1. Your apartment is provided as-is without any furniture modifications from us only mere suggestions for which we provide seldomly and only at your request.

2. By default your “apartment” or “website” is provided for free therefore you will get what you have paid for. We do offer upgraded services however those services are available to you at your discretion.

3. Much like in an apartment building, people may visit your apartment. If this traffic to your apartment is detected as organic traffic, aka normal visitors and not crowds of solicitors we will accommodate to your growth for free! 😀 however non-organic traffic which may be regarded as abuse will have further action.


What is frowned upon:

1. Viruses.

2. Spam.

3. Threats of violence.

4. Content that would be regarded as illegal or against the law.

5. Server resource abuse. This includes abuse of bandwidth(NOT to be confused with organic bandwidth) as well as abuse of CPU or Memory consumption.


By violating the things we frown upon we will give several warnings and further frown provoking will result in termination of the services provided by us.

These rules are enforced to both our free as well as our paid customers regardless of account status.